Purple America

November 20, 2004

I'm not buying all this "red state, blue state" talk we're hearing. Nearly half of the people who voted in the "red states" voted for Kerry, and nearly half of the people who voted in the "blue states" voted for Bush.

(And of course a handful in every state voted for Badnarik (like me) or Cobb or someone else, and nearly half of the eligible voters in every state didn't vote for anyone.)

There's no cultural divide, no irreconcilable differences over "moral values", and certainly no "mandate". No reason for the "blues" to secede and no reason for the "reds" to gloat. Just a few hundred million honest, friendly folks being artificially divided by our winner-take-all electoral system and sensational popular media.

I just got annoyed enough to search the Web for evidence and found these beautiful "Purple America" maps that everyone should be looking at:

Enjoy! §

Image Copyright 2004 by M. T. Gastner, C. R. Shalizi, and M. E. J. Newman,
taken from Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election results

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